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Concrete House Slabs

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Another reason for our fame is the production of the best concrete house slabs. We have the best team for the construction of the most reliable and long-lasting concrete slabs for homes. If you ignore house slabs for a long time, then it may cause problems for you in the future. If you want to be relaxed then always hire the most experienced concrete contractors in your area for the most reliable and robust concrete slabs and installation of these slabs. Newcastle concreting is the best choice for Newcastle residents.

And you can contact us by dialling our number or through email. You can trust our experienced team for the best concrete house slabs.

What are the concrete slabs?

Most people don't even know about the use of slabs for concrete buildings. Concrete slabs are utilized in the making of homes, sheds; pools, and archons, etc. inspection of the soil is necessary where you want to install concrete slabs. After a complete inspection, the best concrete slab is selected according to soil conditions.

Waffle slab:

You may found waffle slabs easily in the concrete shops. Usually, these slabs have a structure like an egg box and are useful for some specifics soil types. These are installed by burrowing in soil and then placing polystyrene in it and then pouring concrete over it. The most surface is covered by polystyrene, and it needs little concrete.

Ground slab:

Ground slabs are available in markets for direct use. These slabs are formed by burrowing around the outer part of the wall and the pouring of concrete in it for making it hard and long-lasting. It is assumed that the electrical and sewage pipes are installed before pouring concrete to save these pipes from harmful conditions. Concrete is poured after placing steel blocks in it.


Installation of concrete slabs is vital for keeping them for a long time. So this will be good to appoint the expert team, for the installation of concrete slabs. Newcastle concreting is an expert in slabs installation and never compromises on the qu8ality of material and work. We are doing this job for the installation and repairing of concrete works for more than twenty years. You can trust our experts, and they will handle your work diligently. We are the legal and approved firm for all the concrete works. We give you detailed information about the quality and quantity of material used in your concrete project to charge you only for what you get and don't charge you excessively.

Concrete cracks:

Concrete is also gets damaged with time due to excessive load on it or by the water present on the surface, and it requires little repairing with time. This damage is also due to the use of harmful material in the construction. Newcastle concreting is the best choice for you if you want to repair your damaged concrete without demolishing the full concrete. We have experts that found the leading cause and solve that problem from the root. Newcastle Concreting has all the latest tools and technologies required for the best concrete repairing.