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Concrete Exposed Aggregate

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You have been watching exposed aggregate concreting in many places. It looks like polished pieces of marble and granite. Small pieces of stones and marbles are blended in a mixture with concrete and then poured on the surface. The upper smooth layer ids polished to uncover the beautiful layer beneath it. Coarse aggregate is also placed on the surface instead of mixing with concrete for the most innovative and attractive look.


Exposed aggregate has a lot of advantages, but the most significant advantage of exposed aggregate is that it will stay for a long time. It is also famous due to its more attractive and natural appearance. Another explanation for its popularity is that, according to your needs, you can change its size, designs, and pattern. People choose different sizes and shapes of aggregate for giving an impressive look to their homes. You have to contact to best concrete contractors in your area for the most durable and beautiful exposed aggregate concreting. Newcastle concreting is considered as the number one fo0r concrete projects all around Newcastle. We are involved in this business for more than twenty years and have completed a large number of projects with the satisfaction of our customers. We provide a large variety in the designs and colours of exposed aggregate concreting to fulfil your desires.

Less maintenance:

Exposed aggregate is beneficial because it needs little repair then all other concrete. Usually, in simple concreting, concrete is poured on the surface and then smoothed. On the other hand, in exposed aggregate small pieces of stones and marbles are mixed with concrete and then installed. You have to contact to best concrete contractors like Newcastle concreting for the most durable and satisfying outcomes.

Exposed aggregate pricing and features:

There is a wide range of size, shape, and designs are present in exposed aggregate with different rates. You can choose the best one according to your desires and budget.

You can select the colour and shape of aggregate according to your place and needs. The best quality aggregate will give the most attractive look to your home. You have to choose the aggregate before starting the construction. Newcastle concreting has the most talented workers for your help to choose the best aggregate and give you the estimated cost of your project.

Latest technology:

Modern tools and equipment are necessary for completing the project most efficiently and correctly. We have the most talented team which is well equipped with modern tools and technologies to give you the most relevant results. Modern techniques are useful for finding the main reason for damage to your concrete and make it easy to repair. You just have to contact us and tell us your desires, and we will try our best to give you the best quality results. We give a lot of importance to our customers and try our best to save their time and money; this importance to customers makes us different from other firms.